Saturday, 13 June 2015

How to Share Blogger Post on Facebook Automatically

If This then That or If Blogger then Facebook

Its a new online utility that can simply move your social postings around between sites called (or, in other words, If This, Then That). It is so incredibly intuitive and easy to use that I had no issues setting it up.

I won't lead you on how to setup an account - you'll just need a user name and password - that's very easy to do. As you start you'll just need to activate and register your Blogger account and select your desired blog like this:

And then tie your Blogger blog to the IFTTT account:

Once registered your first step is to 'Create a Recipe' - and in our case it is going to be from Blogger to Facebook: Also if you browse a bit you will get one already created and you can just directly use that, your choice!!

Just add the recipe and connect your blogger and facebook accounts. You are done...!!!

Now that your link is active you can test it by posting to Blogger, then jumping over to and clicking on the Recipe you just created and selecting the 'Check' button on the right side of the screen like so:

This normally runs every 15 minutes - but, by clicking on Check your post will appear on Facebook in seconds.

Let me know in the comments if you face any issues :)

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