Tuesday, 19 April 2016

PGEE 2016 Questions

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Paper 1 - Aptitude & Logical Reasoning
45 Questions - Multiple Answer Type with 5 Options (1.5 hrs)

1. 2 English comprehension each with 5 questions. All indirect questions related to inference from the passage.

2. 6 Questions on logic puzzle - Knight & Knaves

3. 3 Questions on Permutation and Combination
  • A shopkeeper has 6 variety of candles in how many ways Charlie can buy 4 candles.
4. 3 Questions on Probability
  • A set has {a,b,c,d,e,f,g} elements. What is the probability that a randomly chosen subset has both c and f.
5. 2 DBMS questions on Functional Dependency.
  • To mark all possible keys from the relation with given Functional Dependency
  •  To mark keys that are derived from the given Functional Dependency
6. 2 Questions on series completion

7. 2 Question on Finding Worst case time complexity (I think one was for Binary Search Tree)

8. One question on which DS has worst case time complexity of O(nlogn) - I think the options were Array, Sorted Linked List and Heap

9. One question on Merge Sort

10. Other simple data structure questions.

Paper 2 - Technical
60 Questions - Multiple Answer Type with 5 options (1.5 hrs)

1. First 4 questions on Recurrence Relation.

2. 5 Questions from Operating System
  • 1 from CPU Scheduling - FCFS where AT, BT and Priority was given
  • 1 numerical of finding Average access time where page fault service time and memory access time was given
  • 2 questions from page replacement - Using Farthest in Future and FIFO
  • Which of the following suffers from starvation - FCFS, SJF, RR, Priority, None
3. Questions from DBMS
  • 5 questions on queries
  • Tuple Calculus
  • Relational Algebra
  • 1 question on BCNF and 3 NF properties
4. 10 C Output questions were asked
  • Questions on error recognisation - Compile time error, run time error, Segmentation Fault
  • 2-3 on pointers
  • 2 on Arrays
5. 5 Questions on Computer Networks
  • 2 questions - one on finding total transmission time and other on propogation delay
  • Transport layer protocol for email was asked - TCP, UDP, SMTP were the options
  • Number of networks possible for class C in IPv4
6.  Algorithms
  • 1 question was out of the given options, in which of the following insert, delete and findMin operation can be carried out in logn time. - Options were Array, Linked List and Heap
  • 1 question was on optimal number of multiplications operations required to multiply 5 given matrices.
  • 3-4 questions on BST construction and pre and post oreder traversal.
7. Question on finding non trivial solution of given equations - basically it was the case of infinitely many solutions

8. 1 was possible numbers of non negative solution  for x+y+z = 11.

9. Computer Organization
  • 1 was floating point conversion (to convert -1.5 in single precision floating point).
  • 1 was to find out the square of binary number 1011 in hexadecimal
  • Represent -53 by 2's complement in 8-bit
10. 2-3 questions on gcd.

11. Which of the following can be used to implement all boolean functions
c. NOR

12.  Which of the following is not a form of data?
a. Numbers
b. Characters
c. Image
d. Sound

13. 1 question on Functions
f: A-> B is a function. |A| = 10 and |B| = 8 then,
a. It is bijective
b. B is not onto
c. B is not one to one
d. B is not into
e. A->B is not a relation

14. List of n strings each of length n is sorted in lexicographic order using merge sort. The worst case running time of the algorithm is-
a. O(nlogn)
b. O(n^2logn)
c. O(n^2 + logn)
d. O(n^2)

15. int x = 4*5+2/3. Find x

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