Sunday, 25 September 2016

Adobe Whitebox Testing Interview Experience

Round 1
Q1 3 Jars puzzle
Q2 Reverse a linked list - bug free code
Q3 Write a program to implement fibonacci series
Q4 Write a Singleton class in Java
Q5 Difference between process and thread
Q6 What is the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit architecture
Q7 Find the number of squares in a 8x8 chess boards

Round 2 - Design Related
Q1 Test cases for a kettle
Q2 Write a program to find a Sub-String in a given String.
Q3 Write a program to find 2 prime numbers n1 and n2 such that for a given prime number, n sum of n1 and n2 is n.
Q4 Design of an evacuation plan for a building
Q5 Possible causes of a website not loading up on you browser.
Q6 3 Hats puzzzle

Round 3
Q1 Write a program to convert a String to an integer. Make sure to handle edge cases such as negative numbers and decimal numbers.
Q2 Test case related questions

Round 4 (Manager)
Q1 General Questions
Q2 Mention adobe products you have worked on.
Q3 Full form of PDF (Portable Document Format)
Q4 Discussion on my current work ex.
Q5 General discussion on Red Eye Reduction problem - just to check the problem solving ability

Finally HR Round

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