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Top cloud mining website for passive income

Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

A new trend has been started where a lot of new cloud mining companies have emerged out. 
A number of companies offer “cloud mining” for Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies. Cloud mining is performed by a third party but you, the customer, buy some of their mining capacity and you receive the revenue from that mining. The mining is done “in the cloud,” which means that you buy into an existing or new mining project and you enjoy hassle-free revenue.

Here I am listing the top website of cloud mining which have a good reputation of payouts and which can easily 2x your investment in an year based on the type of contract.

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Established in 2013, Genesis Mining is one of the oldest cloud mining companies in existence. It has mining centers throughout Europe, America and Asia, though that is as much as the company is willing to reveal for security reasons.

Pros of Genesis Mining
a legit organization
registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2016
growing userbase of over 300 thousand members

Cons of Genesis Mining
profitable might reduce drastically as bitcoins continue to become harder to mine
simply hoarding bitcoins and waiting for them to rise in value will be more profitable than hiring Genesis Mining

HASHFLARE REVIEW - Most Recommended

Hashflare came a little late to the cloud mining game in 2014, but they have since proven themselves a relatively reliable cloud mining company with the equipment and capability to make payments on time.
I will definitely recommend hashflare for starters with an investment of 50K bucks. Click to Visit

Pros of Hashflare
strong variety of crypto mining capabilities - available for bitcoins (both MHs and GHs), Ethereum, ZCash, and Dash
they are 1 year contract but as per current calculation they do prove to 2x your investment
payout rate is daily
Payments can be received using wire transfers, Bitcoin, Emercoin, credit card, Payeer, or Webmoney.

Cons of Hashflare
most contract last only 1 year and there are no lifetime contracts
maintenance fees, combined with the rising difficulty might reduce profitability
minimum bitcoin withdrawl is set to 0.05 and they charge a fee of 0.0007 bitcoins

CCG Mining Review
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The site is registered to someone called Anna Metelska. It is operated out of Warszawa, Poland. It first appeared online in September 2017, although the official website of the CCG Mining company claims that their operations were launched back in 2016.
They offer a wide range of cryptos (say bitcoin, ethereum, monoroe, Librycredits, zcash , dash)

Pros of CCG Mining
Open Ended bitcoin mining contract
Other contracts are 2 years compared to 1 year hashflare contract
Very high returns compared to hashflare or genesis
Their reviews on yourtube or reddit seems legit

Cons of CCG Mining
Relatively new player in crypto mining so pretty high risk

Other good mining companies - Hashing24, Crypterra

If you give any try do leave a comment below and share your experience

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